Saturday, July 12, 2008

!!!کاسپرسکای... پَر

Kaspersky Internet Security 2009 Hacked!!!

من موفق شدم پس از شب ها کار، بالاخره این آنتی ویروس چغر رو هک کنم!!!

تا الان هیچ کس اینچنین کاری نکرده!

:توضیحات مفصلی داره که میتونید در لینک زیر بخوانید

Kaspersky security holes found... (Kaspersky Permanent Crack)

I love Kaspersky!
I have found some really big security holes in Kaspersky antivirus, and you know how difficult it is to find some lacks in such well-built packages!!!

Kaspersky Internet Security 2009 is a very precious, stable, and secure antiviral software and I really appreciate the hardwork of all the members of Kaspersky team. But I have done something that there is no longer any black listing mechanism in it.

Note that "black.lst" is a file of fake licenses and is stored by Kaspersky.

Therefore, Now, I can use my KIS 2009 by whatever the license I want! WOW!!! No kidding!!!

There are some cracks on internet but they just provide you with some licenses, which are valid say for example until 2011. But beware that whatever the period of your license validity is, the team can blacklist your license and you can't use it anymore.
So I began to "study" it. It took me 3 long nights to analyze the security structure of Kaspersky products and anti-hacking mechanism they apply.
And now... I have Kaspersky working fine!
Update: As I received numerous emails asking for crack, please note, I'm not willing to harm Kaspersky, and I'm not willing to distribute this version. I just wanted to inform Kaspersky team, that there are vulnerabilities in their software.